WP Smush Pro WordPress Plugin – The Best Image Optimization Free Download

WP Smush Pro V2.5.2 WordPress Plugin – The Best Image Optimization Free Download

For all my dear users who are in a hurry to get the site on search engines faster than before and need the loading time to be a flash. We have news for you and you are going to be bedazzled.


  • – Image Optimization
  • – Fast Images
  • – SEO Friendly
  • – Automated Smushing
  • – NextGEN Supported
  • – Retina Supported
  • – Bulk Smush
  • – Super Smush
  • – Easy Setup
  • – HTTPS support
  • – Strips un-used colour from images
  • – Strips meta data from JPEG’s (this isn’t needed anyway)
  • – Optimizing JPEG compression
  • – Integrates with the Smush.it API
  • – Choose to run existing images through the plugin


WP Smush Pro has dedicated servers for all its users so they can compress their valuable images which can be up to 32 MB stacked together without having to face a problem.

Why are they doing this? Well the answer is simple to give you the best of Image Optimization available for your WordPress theme.

The way your images are compressed here means you get the best Optimization there is. They use methods and ways that remove unnecessary clutter from around your images which makes them 60% smaller than they already are.

WordPress Image Optimization


Image Optimization has never been this easy for any of us. Optimization of images has been taken to a whole new level with the WordPress Smush Pro. Why we say this is because your images load way faster than before and if you are busy to do it set your Images on auto and just enjoy the ride.

Image Optimization is not a big word and do not be confused when we use it. It’s just a way to make your website with images load a lot faster than it normally would on the user’s device.

The quality of the image is maintained and every last bit of space that can be saved is done for you. What are you waiting for?

It is the best ever WordPress plugin to boost your website loading speed, you can compare your website speed before and after optimizing your images. Reduce image file sizes, improve performance and boost your SEO using the WP Smush Pro.

We have attached our website proofs from Google Speed Test Tool and GTmetrix, if you have some doubt you can check our website with these tools yourself.


To gain this superb result you also need to use some other optimization tools and secrets for that we will soon publish Website Optimization and SEO article. The website speed is a big a factor, if you want instant approval of Google Adsense Account on your website.

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WP Smush Pro V2.5.2 Latest Version For Liftetime! Free Download and Demo Links!

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