Video Maker Fx Full Version Cracked 100% Working

Video Maker Fx Full Version Cracked 100% Working

Get Video Maker Fx Cracked Full Version 100% Working software free. Every one is trying to have video maker fx pro version so that I think to create smart and beautiful video with video maker fx as your own requirement as well as your client requirement if you are a great freelancer in , , etc freelancing website and your you tried to bid those category which support skilled to make videos for different companies or institutue.


Get Video Maker Fx Cracked Full Version

video maker fx cracked is working Video Maker Fx Cracked Full Version 100% Working software for you. Just Download video maker fx cracked and see what the cracked video maker fx is been ready for you. this is the video maker fx CRACKED and also Full Version !!. Free Download Video Maker FX Full 100% Working 2016.

Video Motion Pro

 Download Video Maker fx Cracked

1. Download XAMPP from and install it.
2. Install videomakerfx 1.05 Setup.exe (or latest version) if its not already installed.
3. Open C: Windows System32 drivers etc hosts with the notepad
Add this text in the last line (after eberything is already there) you dont need to add # and then save.

Please note you cant save the file “hosts” with any name other than “hosts”  (“not included) Also pay attention to save the file host in the same file type, dont change the extension to txt or doc (thats why you need to use the notepad and not word)
Here you have a source that explains everything:

Beginner Geek: How To Edit Your Hosts File

In windows 7 remember to open the notepad as administrator and the look for the file host in your computer, otherwise you wont be able to save it in the same directory.

4. Run XAMPP – apache service

You have to open the program and activate apache service.
Check localhost o in your browser to make sure its working right  xampp
Your browser will show xampp startpage if everything is ok and NOT FOUND or CANT CONNECT if its not working properly.

5. Copy / paste the file CheckAuth.php in the directory C: xampp htdocs
6. Run VideoMakerFX and enter whatever details you like.
7. Enjoy-!


  1. The Video Maker FX is a great software for creating professional videos.I would say that by far the biggest advantage to using the this Software is the ability to create unlimited professional, high-converting videos dirt-cheap.You can make interesting videos related to your assignment through this software very easily and save your important time. Video maker is very easy to install and very easy to use.
  2. Everytime to want to run the program just make sure xampp is running, enter random details and enjoy!!
  3. xampp must be running to be able to run videomakerfx
  4. Skype will conflict with xampp if they are run at the same time
  5. Configure one of them to run at another port.



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